Electronics: Voltage Regulators-Build a USB Charger Electronic Fundementals: Build a USB Charger 

The name says it all: voltage regulator. The battery in your car that gets charged from the alternator, the outlet in your home that provides all the electricity you desire, the cell phone you likely keep on-hand every minute of the day they all require a specific voltage in order to function. Fluctuating outputs that jump from ±2V can cause inefficient operation and possibly even damage to your charging devices.

There's a variety of reasons why a voltage fluctuation may occur: condition of the power grid, other appliances turning off and on, time of day, environmental factors, etc.

Due to the need for a steady, constant voltage, enter the voltage regulator.
Almost every project includes a voltage regulator.  How do they work and what kinds are available?  Which one is right for your project?
Learn about voltage regulators and use one to build a USB charger.

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